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Saw bow for jigsaw


New saw frame for all UNIMAT saw variants.

Unimat 1 jigsaw, Unimat 1 MetalLine jigsaw, Unimat 1 PowerLine jigsaw

  • This innovative product significantly facilitates cutting, especially for UNIMAT beginners and young children. 
  • The support for guiding the wood through the saw blade is enhanced, reducing vibrations. 
  • Likewise, the saw blade is centrally guided by a roller to prevent misalignment or bending of the blade.

Technical Specifications Outreach: 210 mm Adjustable cutting height:

Jigsaw Unimat 1: up to 9 mm Jigsaw Unimat ML: up to 23 mm Jigsaw PowerLine: up to 20 mm

The ruler engraved on the frame (metric + imperial) can be a valuable aid for accurately measuring sawing parts.

saw bow for UNIMAT Jigsaw
saw bow for UNIMAT 1 Basic jig saw
saw bow for UNIMAT ML jig saw
saw bow for UNIMAT PL jigsaw