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WW Collets and Sets

Collets provide a quick, easy method of mounting cylindrical parts or bar stock in a lathe with a great deal of centering accuracy.

art. 1160…

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4-jaw chuck 80 mm

Four-jaw chucks can be used to clamp parts excentical , or by using dial indicator they can be used to center parts with a great deal of accuracy. …

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3-jaw chuck 64 mm

Three-jaw chucks are designed to automatically center round or hexagonal parts.

The chucks provide the quickest and easiest way of holding work in…

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4-jaw chuck 64 mm

Four-jaw chucks can be used to clamp parts excentical, or by using dial indicator they can be used to center parts with a great deal of accuracy. …

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Tailstock chuck from 0,8 to 10 mm

These chucks enable to accurately center-line drill, ream or tap any part mounted in the lathe.

They are complete with two arboes. A 0

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Steady rest

The steady rest provides a means of supporting long, slender parts and long pieces of bar stock. 

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4-jaw self centering chuck

Self-centering chuncks are designed to have all the jaws move in unison and to hold square stock. 

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Follower Rest

It is used to support a piece of round stock while it is still being machined to keep the part from deflecting away from the tool.

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Vertical Milling Table (Inch)

Art. 1184 (Metric)

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Chuck-to-T-Slot Adapter

This simple adapter can be used with either the 3- or 4-jaw chuck and fastens the chuck securely to the milling table or lathe cross slide T-slots. It…

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Adjustable live center

It is held in the tail stock of a lathe and allows you to precisely position the center.

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Adjustable Tailstock Chuck Holder

The adjustment screws and split design allow perfect centering for the chuck. 

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Adjustable Tailstock Tool Holder

This part can hold virtually any tool you wish to adapt to it. A set screw tightens on the collet, holding the tool in place. 

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Tailstock Spindle Extender

The Spindle Extender moves the Live Center out an extra 1.5" so the saddle will not hit the Tailstock when machining from one end of the part to the…

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#0 Morse to 3/4-16 Chuck Adapter

The adapter fits in the #0 Morse taper of the lathe tailstock.

The threaded 3/4-16 end allows chucks to be mounted to the tailstock for holding tools…

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Compound slide

The compound slide is used to cut angles that cannot be cut by -swinging the headstock- or turning between centers.

art. 1270 (Inch)

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Steady Rest Riser Block

The purpose of a riser block is to extend the capabilities of lathe and vertical mill. The kit includes a spacer block to fit under the follower…

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Mill Headstock Spacer

In many cases, it is much easier to increase your machinable surface area by using this spacer than to reclamp the part. Precisely machined keyways…

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Relay Box for ext. Devices

Relay box with 2x C14 power sockets, 100-240V, controlled via TCTControl and software
To connect devices like vacuum cleaners, vacuum tables, spindel…

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8mm Collet Adapter f. Tailstock with order N° 1203

The purpose of the WW collet adapter is to allow the use of WW collets in the lathe tailstock. 

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Clockmaker's Arbor

These arbors are designed to be used on lathes often used by jewelers and watchmakers. Though highly accurate, these machines are often not very…

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W. R. Smith T-Rest

The T-Rest is used to support a metal cutting tool called a "graver" which is hand held rather than held in a tool post like a conventional lathe…

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Radius Cutting Attachment

The radius cutting attachment allows you to put an accurate convex or concave shape on a part with a lathe. 

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Quick Change Toolpost with 3 holders for 1/4" lathe tool and 3/8" drilling and cutoff tool

The device was developed to make it possible to quickly change tools while leaving the body of the toolholder mounted to the table.

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Cut off tool and holder

The thinness of the blade (1 mm) enables it to feed into the part quite easily and at the same time minimizes the amount of waste material. 

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Knurling tool holder

The holder consists of a left and a right side which evenly tightens down on your part creating a diamond knurl. Holder is suplied with one set of…

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Tool Blank

If you have any exotic projects in mind it is recommended to shape and sharpen your individual tools . An inexpensive grinder with good quality wheels…

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