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Discover more about the world of UNIMAT 1

Creative Crafting

Develop crafting skills and have fun at the same time with UNIMAT

Drillplan for UNIMAT Base plate

Template for drilling your own base plate.

Dinosaur model

Discover a great model making idea

StyroCut 3D flower arrangement

Read more about this Styro Cut Model and design your own decorations

Honey Dipper wood turning

If life is too sour - use a honey dipper to sweeten it with honey. Watch our video below how to create a honey dipper yourself!

Our Workshop partners

For workshops outside of Germany and Austria please contact us directly under

Ferienspiel Wien

Workshops in the summer- und christmas holidays


Familie Kiss

Hauptstraße 8, 7132 Frauenkirchen

Tel.: 0660 / 6233 930, E-Mail:

Herr Wieser

Hinterleiten 10, A-3263 Randegg

Das Drechselteam

Marino Heber

Zschepplitz 14, D-04720 Grossweitzschen

Tel.: (0049) 3431 / 610707


Erich Spreng

Am Mauret 24, D-85116 Egweil

Tel: (0049) 8424 1482



Amedi Kinderholzwerkstatt

Annemarie Dettendorfer & Pit Fürleger Friedrich-Ritter-Str. 9 83064 Reischenhart

Tel.: (0049)8035/90 74 80

MINT Campus Dachau

Tel.: 081316149055