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Creative Crafting

Develop crafting skills and have fun at the same time with UNIMAT

Drillplan for UNIMAT Base plate

Template for drilling your own base plate.

Dinosaur model

Discover a great model making idea

Airplane model, propeller making

StyroCut 3D flower arrangement

Read more about this Styro Cut Model and design your own decorations

Honey Dipper wood turning

If life is too sour - use a honey dipper to sweeten it with honey. Watch our video below how to create a honey dipper yourself!

Our Workshop partners

For workshops outside of Germany and Austria please contact us directly under

HappyLab Vienna

All year round workshops with our UNIMAT machines


Familie Kiss

Hauptstraße 8, 7132 Frauenkirchen

Tel.: 0660 / 6233 930, E-Mail:

Herr Wieser

Hinterleiten 10, A-3263 Randegg

Das Drechselteam

Marino Heber

Zschepplitz 14, D-04720 Grossweitzschen

Tel.: (0049) 3431 / 610707


Erich Spreng

Am Mauret 24, D-85116 Egweil

Tel: (0049) 8424 1482



Amedi Kinderholzwerkstatt

Annemarie Dettendorfer & Pit Fürleger Friedrich-Ritter-Str. 9 83064 Reischenhart

Tel.: (0049)8035/90 74 80

MINT Campus Dachau

Tel.: 081316149055