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Unimat Spare Part List

Unimat spare parts like belts, screws, connectors, etc incl exact part number can be found in this list.

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Professional Woodturning Attachment
  • full metal
  • height adjustable
  • distance to workpiece adjustable
  • tool rest 50mm

Details see instructions Professional Woodturning Attachment (art.…

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Variable Power Adaptor 12V

Thyristor adjust adaptor incl. 162 491 + Outcab

Input: 230V, 50-60Hz, 85W

Output: 12V, 5A

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Dividing Attachment

Equal circle dividings for milling, drilling... e.g. for gear milling.

Please mind, 2nd countershaft (Art. No. 162 030 or 164035) necessary for…

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Face plate steel

a durable and accurate accessory

Ø 49mm

universal use for sanding or turning wood or
metals pieces affixed to the plate.
e.g. for turning of egg…

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3 Professional Woodturning Gouges

Professional turning knife set - Contains 3 different turning knives made of HSS steel.

Includes: Parting tool, roundnose scraper and common spindle…

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5 profil milling heads in wooden case

5 different profiles with 1/8 inch shaft. High quality steel.

Ideal for Doll houses, frames, fittings, ship modeling, etc. comes in a nice wooden…

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Milling Tool Set 3, 4, 5, 6 mm

HSS milling tools for processing wood, metals and plastic 

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Fly Cutter

For levelling of metals, construction of fittings or accurate steps. Or for production of square, hexagonal and octagonal pieces by using the dividing…

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Gear Milling Head

homemade gear wheels. Incl. Modul 0,5. + 1

necessary accessories for gear milling:

  • Art.Nr.162040 Dividing Attachment
  • Art.Nr.162030 Countershaft…
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Milling and Sawing Table

Height adjustable worktable (square 150x200mm) for circle saw, jigsaw and vertical mill.

Precise angle adjustement at the drive side with Rotary…

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Circular Saw complete Set inc.1 Sawblade

Set consists of:

  • table
  • sawblade protection
  • circle sawblade
  • length stop device
  • sawblade adapter
  • mitring fence

Everything can be adjusted precisely by the…

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3 pcs. of circular Sawblades

- 80mm diameter, 24 carbide tipped teeth for cutting wood
- 63mm diameter, 1mm stregth for plastics an metal
- 63mm diameter, 2mm stregth for plastics…

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Precision Milling Attachment for PowerLine

The Stop is fully made of metal and can be mounted easily.

Therefore the PowerLine now provides a circular saw (also for miter cutting), a…

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12V Distribution Cabinet with 5 outlets and 2 cables

Combine several UNIMAT 12V adapters into one power source.

Drive up to 5 motors at the same time.

Ideal for the Power Drive Unit (art. 162 320).

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2 position tool post
  • 2 position tool post, for 3.5 - 8 mm tool body height
  • incl height adjustment plates and fastening parts
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5 pcs. PL jig saw blades for 164080

5 Stück Stichsägeblätter für 164080

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5 pcs. jig saw blades medium for 164080

5 pcs. of jig saw blades for the MetalLine jig saw with adjustable stroke

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Rasp and File for Jigsaw ML only with 162330

Innovative correction- and forming tool for quick and easy usage with Unimat ML jig-saw.
Suitable for wood, plastic, metal, tiles and many other…

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Reduction set f. PowerLine Motor

Precisely machined metal-profiles and -covers increase the accuracy and stability of the countershaft.

1:1, 1:2,77, 2,77:1

Tooth module: S2M 

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Precision Live Center

Grinded center in two special ball bearings enables higher accuracy and better stability.

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Flexible shaft

suitable for Unimat 1, Unimat ML und Unimat PowerLine

for PLAYmake and Playmat only in combination with item [901460]

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Safety goggle

Very light safety googles with transparent frame and bracket - unisex. Suitable for students.

Combines comfort with reliable protection.

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Connection Cable


Connection cable with banana plugs

For connecting Variable power adaptor (161410) or third-party power supplies to the UNIMAT 12V Distribution Cabinet (Art. 162 492).

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