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Discover more about our machines and the different applications

MetalLine differential milling

With the UNIMAT gear milling machine, it is possible to produce differentials and gears.

Truning a Honey Dipper

If life is too sour - use a honey dipper to sweeten it with honey. Watch our video below how to create a honey dipper yourself!

Aircraft Models, propeller construction

The propeller is made of polystyrene, in a 1:32 scale for the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Some parts are done by using tool holder while the most of it is made freehand with a wood chisel that comes with UNIMAT.

Create your own Fidget Spinner

StyroCut 3D Flower Arrangement

With the StyroCut 3D you can easily craft great models.

The hotwire cutter can be combined with the hand carving tool to work on different sizes and formes.

For this model only styrofoam balls, for the flowers, and a bigger foam block for the vase was used.

A great variety of styrofoams can be used, like: EPS, XPS, EPP

Creative Crafting

The child safe machines encourage kids to work independently on their own projects and teach crafting skills.

Here you find great templates to create models.


Drill project for circuit boards

The circuit boards are manufactured for this project using the very simple direct toner method. To drill the hole we recommend using the same, very small drill bit. Fixed with a collet - once properly fixed the drill bit runs absolutely centric.


Drill plan for a UNIMAT base plate

Plan for drilling your own UNIMAT base plate


Modeltrain - wheel flange turning

A great model from @ where a wheel flange from an H0 model train is being metal turned. It is a very small wheel with a diameter of only 11,5mm.

The work piece was fixed into a mount from "Fohrmann"



Self made Egg cups

Do-it yourself egg cups. The best presents are self made. With our wooden dovels crafting your own egg cups becomes child's play.