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The accessories and materials can now be easily ordered in the new online



In this material package included:

Corian (artificial stone)

50x50x12 mm

packing uni 15 pcs.


This material package includes:

Ø 12mm aluminium rod, spring, retaining washer, manual with plan (for metal lathe)

Packing unit 15 pcs.



Special milling foam

25x25x50 mm, medium density for 3D projects on multiacis machines (packing units 30 pcs.)


50x50x3 mm, usable for milling

(cast acrylic - not extruded)

(packing unit 30 pcs.)


In this package included:

Jeweller wax (Ø 33x70 mm), ideal for milling and turning, without cooling

Packing unit 10 pcs


suitable for Unimat 1, Unimat ML und Unimat PowerLine

for PLAYmake and Playmat only in combination with item [901460]


Very light safety googles with transparent frame and bracket - unisex. Suitable for students.

Combines comfort with reliable protection.


10 pcs. Solid Carbide Bits two-flute end mills with 1/8 inch shank

5pcs 1.6mm, 5 pcs 2.0mm

Other sizes on request (0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 3.0mm, 1/8 inch…

[Out Cab]

For connecting Variable power adaptor (161410) or third-party power supplies to the UNIMAT 12V Distribution Cabinet (Art. 162 492).


Control electronics incl motion control and pre-installed CNC software


Many models and projects with detailed plans from easy to difficult.


Didactic documentation booklet

Included in this bookles are theoretical instructions for truning, milling, sawing, drilling, sanding and material,…